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The Hope Valley
Hubcap King

Winner ofThe Hemingway Award for a First Novel

"This book has 'future cult classic' written all over it." Publisher's Weekly
""Excellent debut novel" The Washington Post

American Booksellers' Association named The Hope Valley Hubcap King on theBookSense 76 list of recommended titles

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Time, The Universe, And America...

In a country a lot like our own, in a time a little bit like now, Bibi Brown is an ordinary young man with an extraordinary destiny. Bibi, the first male in twelve generations of Browns not to have taken his own life, has a furious crush on a beautiful nine-fingered woman and an unbearable urge to understand the meaning of Time, the Universe, and America. So Bibi begins his quest--careening through a world of bizarre cults, gravity-defying crones, and lunatics of every stripe--all for a chance to meet his long-lost uncle Otto, a legendary junk-dealer who lives on the Hope Valley Hubcap Ranch. Because in a world that is spinning a little too fast, and a little too wildly, Bibi’s destiny is to find the essence of hope, the beauty of hubcaps, and the meaning of life in the Valley of the Hubcap King....

With a touch of Candide, a dash of Don Quixote, and healthy dose of Zen, Sean Murphy’s wondrous, riotous novel is the story of an ordinary man searching through a hilariously off-kilter world--for the truths that might just save us all.

Bantam/Dell, Mass Market Paperback, October 2002, ISBN: 0440240891, $5.99

Bantam/Dell, Trade Paperback, February 2004, ISBN: 0385337825, $13