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Private Meditation Coaching with Sean by Skype
As Sean's work expands as a meditation teacher, he is offering meditation guidance/coaching by Skype (phone option also available). Although it is possible to arrange single sessions, the intent is to offer a package of four x 45-minute sessions, weekly or biweekly, to help establish, reinforce or reinvigorate a meditation practice. His specialty is helping meditators establish a practice, or helping experienced meditators get 'unstuck' in their practice. A package of 4 weekly or biweekly sessions, covering 1-2 months of practice, is $275.

Email me to schedule your meditation coaching or to ask any questions. Please tell me briefly why you are seeking help with your meditation at this time.

Join my Meditation Teachers Training Program with Sage Institute for Creativity, Consciousness and Environment in Taos. Find program details at

2013 Sean Murphy Book Events for One Bird, One Stone

April 26 Fri, Launch/reading/signing at Brodsky Books in Taos 5-7 pm
May 8 Wed, Dharma talk & reading at Upaya Zen Center Santa Fe 5:30-6:30 pm
May 21 Tues, Reading/signing with Natalie Goldberg at Bookworks in Albuquerque 7 pm
May 22 Wed, Reading/signing at Collected Works in Santa Fe 6 pm
Support your local bookstore! If they don’t have the book, ask them to order it.

A new paperback edition of One Bird, One Stone: 108 Contemporary Zen Stories by Sean Murphy will be published by Hampton Roads on April 1, 2013, available for pre-order now on Amazon.

The new edition features an introduction by Natalie Goldberg, author of books including Writing Down the Bones and The True Secret of Writing, in addition to the original foreword by John Daido Loori, Roshi.

The book describes notable encounters between students and teachers, drawn from over 100 interviews I conducted at Zen centers around the country. It features some of the most seminal figures of American Zen, including Philip Kapleau, Bernie Glassman, and Walter Nowick. One Bird, One Stone presents the moments of insight and wisdom, the quotable quotes, and the humor of Zen as it has flowered in America over the last hundred-plus years.

My essay Werewolves of Los Angeles appears in Gathered Light: The Poetry of Joni Mitchell's Songs
with cover art by Joni Mitchell herself. The book is a collection of essays and responses to Mitchell's lyrics from more than 50 contributors, including bestselling novelist Wally Lamb and record executive and film producer David Geffen.

As I'm a jazz lover – and my novel-in-progress is about jazz musicians – I've always been drawn to Mitchell's album Mingus, named after famous jazz composer Charles Mingus who collaborated on some of the songs. My essay is a response to one of the most fascinating songs on that album: The Wolf That Lives in Lindsey.

Gathered Light: The Poetry of Joni Mitchell's Songs, edited by Lisa and John Sornberger was published by Three O'Clock Press in May 2013. It's available on Amazon.

Free Mini Teleseminars in March 2013
I'm giving two free mini teleseminars for writers with Tania Casselle on March 13 and March 16.
Basically it's a conference call - you just dial in.
Our subject: 3 Top Tips to Keep on Track with your Writing with time for Q&A.
Find out more and register here.


Wilson's Way, my novel-in-progress, won the 2011 Dana Award in the Novel.

The Time of New Weather won First Place in the National Federation of Press Women 2009 Communications Awards for best novel.

The Time of New Weather earlier won First Place in the New Mexico Press Women Communications Awards for best novel published in 2008.

Sean is delighted to be organizing the Sacred Activism workshop July 7-11 2009 in Taos for internationally-known author and mystic Andrew Harvey, to launch Sean's new Sage Institute for Environment, Creativity and Consciousness. Full info on this and other seminars at Sage Institute.

Interview on KSJE radio discussing The Time of New Weather with Connie Gotsch... listen here

I enjoyed 'talking' with Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell for her K.C.'s Write For You blog. We discuss The Time of New Weather, touching on Zen, MFA's, Taos, Natalie Goldberg, and writing about the future. Check it out here.

The new paperback cover of The Time of New Weather reminds me of Peter Sellers in one of my favorite movies - know which one I mean? What do you think of the cover?

Cultural Energy Hear my live story reading with musical improv by Mirabal and Kott, for SOMOS, recorded for radio. It's a blast! I had more fun than is decent, and a great audience. Scroll to 2007, and click Story of The.

Story is published in: You Are Not Here and Other Works of Buddhist Fiction by Wisdom Publications.

* * *
A 2007 highlight was meeting 100-year-old Zen Master Sasaki Roshi for my article Being True Love in Tricycle Magazine. I didn't expect him to grill me in his fierce and humorous fashion on my own understanding of Zen... Here's his photo. Does this guy LOOK 100?
* * *
The Beatles and Buddhism: The Fab Four's Noble Truths article for Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
* * *
Articles in 2007 Writers Market, and 2007 Guide to Literary Agents both by Writers Digest Books.
* * *
Article in NOW WRITE!: Fiction Writing Exercises from Today's Best Writers and Teachers from Tarcher.
* * *
The Writing Show interview on The Time of New Weather.

This is the Russian edition of The Time of New Weather, otherwise known as Время новой погоды.
I'm not even going to attempt my Russian name, except to say my first name has become WOH. (Woh is me...)

NEW New Weather

I had no idea you had published four great books. What a great accomplishment. I'm proud of you brother! I hope you're well.


Steve Brigham, Bowie, MD,


Hi Sean, Somehow I ran into an old newsletter (a blessing so much needed). It was the one where you mentioned my Pacfic Sun publication.
It made me cry, for just after that, the rug was pulled out from beneath me. The Char that you & everyone else knew was replaced by hundreds,
maybe thousands of different "Char's", Charlene's, etc. and nothing & I
mean nothing in my life was my own, even "the loo" if I happened to bring my phone in with me & my home, car became an echo chamber, singing, talking & other personal behaviors travelled through fiber optic devices, infrared images created & made their way to some deep black hole where everything that was me was collected, categorized & ???. No attempts to reach the world beyond my physical body worked for me, even web searches weee canned, and to my knowledge this has not changed much.
we will see if this reaches you. I will try to find a way to connect with you
and Tania - it is possible that a few avenues may now be open to me.
Just hearing your familiar voice (clear, authentic, & undeniably yours) + that uniquely your own humor again, was like a breath of fresh ocean air. Also, hearing all of the good news & familiar names that tap the love & truth of my heart after so long - is indescribable. I will find a way to contact you & Tania soon. I live in Penngrove, CA at this time, and have an email that I cannot yet Access, that has not been jeopardized - - I can receive mail at it stands now & we are working on opening the mail safely - so please send the letter there. Give everyone my congrats & love - it brought a song to my heart to hear of all of the successes. i love the new cover for Time.... Also, I got the sweetest
image when I read about the current pet name for yor beloved & you in a frilly apron, tea tray & biscuits in hand, walking into the boudoir to serve the much deserving "Duke ..? her English tea. At any rate thank you, you can't know how hearing about my beloved writing pals has revived me.
Much love, Char